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Growing Sustainably

Like many businesses in today's society, we want to be environmentally conscious and do our part to build our company sustainably. We're always looking to improve our practices and policies, and we've found that in many cases good business decisions go hand-in-hand with decisions that are good for the environment.

Here are some things we're currently doing to reduce our environmental footprint:

  • We purchase renewable energy credits (RECS) for wind energy equivalent to 150% of the power required for our hosting servers. We also regularly upgrade to more efficient servers to reduce our overall power consumption.
  • In addition to purchasing wind energy for our hosting, we purchase RECs equivalent to our office power use and all of our other computer equipment.
  • We offset our employee transportation footprint by planting trees through the Trees for the Future program and plant a tree for each new Domain.com hosting customer.
  • We donate our used computer equipment to charitable causes like Free Geek for reuse, recycling, and fostering technology curiosity in underprivileged students.
  • We have in-office recycling and waste reduction programs that include reducing printing, paperless billing, a battery recycling program, and providing employees with reusable bottles to cut down on paper cup use.

How Domain.com Employees Live Sustainably

  • I take a bus to and from work every day. I also use eco-friendly products like laundry detergent, dish soap, and personal care products. Many days after work and on weekends, I take my step-son on a walk through our neighborhood and local park to pick up all trash and recyclables. We take the recyclables home and clean them and add them to our recycling containers.

    - Larry

  • I recycle, use a high efficiency clothes washer/dryer, limit water use by only washing my hair every other day, and I hang out in the basement rather than turn on the air conditioning in the house.

    - Amy

  • I recycle, keep the temperature in my house at 65 during the winter, and I drive cars that get great gas mileage.

    - Joanna

Promote Your Eco-Friendly Site

If you're a Domain.com hosting customer, we encourage you to add one of our green hosting logos to your website. Displaying one of these logos on your website shows your visitors that:

  • Your website is powered by renewable energy
  • You place value in being environmentally responsible
  • You want to promote the adoption of eco-friendly hosting by others

Add a badge to your website to promote that it's powered by renewable energy!

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