10 Things to Avoid When Building Your First Website

We love to help our customers create awesome websites that attract more visitors. If you follow our blog, you’ve probably read our tips on creating a better, stronger website. Whether we discussed optimization, social media etiquette, or which domains work best for your small business, we’ve covered a great deal of stuff you should include. […]

5 Techniques to Providing Exceptional Customer Service Through Social Media

Small businesses and larger corporations alike use social media to connect with their customers in real time. Connecting through social media allows your company to brand itself and have a real voice that engages with your customers. However, these easy-access mediums also open your business up to direct and indirect criticisms from customers. Learning how […]

10 Things Every Job Seeker Needs to Include on Their Personal Website

Are you a recent graduate looking for a job? Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mother looking to restart your career or a consultant looking to enter a new field. In any case, impress hiring managers with the skills you have by creating a personal website. In this blog post, we’ll go through the ten most important […]

21 Things You Need To Start Your First Website [Infographic]

Win VIP Access to’s SXSW Brush Square Bash II

For the second year, is throwing a bash to celebrate SXSW! If you’re attending SXSW 2014, join us at the East Tent in Brush Square Park in Austin, Texas on March 8th from 4pm-9pm. The Brush Square Bash II is definitely an event you won’t want to miss! We’ll have everything from great […]

We’re heading to Austin for SXSW 2014!

As SXSW 2014 draws nearer, we can’t help but get excited! This year’s Interactive Festival, which officially starts on Friday, March 7th, is packed with speakers, sessions, networking events, opportunities for startups, parties, and so much more. To learn more about this incredible “part festival, part conference”: click here. Are you attending? We’d love to […]

8 Simple Steps to Creating Illustrative Infographics

Have you ever wondered how to create beautiful, illustrative infographics? We want to show you exactly how! Infographics are graphically visual representations of data or knowledge. Many businesses use them to explain their products or services in a creative way. To help you come up with a plan for your next infographic, we’ve listed out eight […]

Social Media Tips: 5 Examples of Content Marketing with Vine

At we love finding creative, budget-friendly ways to help our customers market their products and services. In the past we’ve given you tips on viral content marketing strategies through Instagram and showed you how to “hack” your business’s social network pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) to gain more followers. Now we want to show you […]

Developing Your Mobile Strategy: Four Key Questions to Address

Did you know that three out of every ten mobile searches result in valuable business outcomes such as a consumer visiting a store, purchasing an item from a mobile website, or calling a business?[i] As smartphones become increasingly popular, they are also becoming reliable, go-to methods of accessing the Internet. Mobile consumers can now use […]

Let Go Of Your Fear And Pursue Your Entrepreneurial Dream!

Do you have a startup idea but aren’t taking the leap because of fear of someone else stealing your idea? This is a common problem for many people who want to pursue their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs. You might think the only way to disclose information about your “unique” startup idea is by having people […]