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Emily's Domain Idea

Film Riot, an online show on the Revision3 network created by up-and-coming film mastermind Ryan Connolly gives smart, edgy DIY filmmaking and editing tips. The Film Riot crew recently created a new ad to air exclusively on Film Riot. Because of the overwhelming number of requests we've received to put the ad on our site, we decided to create a page showing all our recent advertising.

In the "Emily's Domain Idea" ad, Ryan and Josh brainstorm ads for that must be informative, entertaining, and funny. Things are at a standstill until Ryan's little sister Emily shows up, eager to offer her input on what's next great ad should be.

"Emily's Domain Idea" which originally aired on Film Riot episode 133 proved to be a surprise hit for Film Riot, even prompting Ryan to post it on the Film Riot channel as its own video.

Stay tuned as we post more of our ads, and thank you for supporting!

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