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Simply put Domain.com is the best domain registration company I've used. Their support is very professional and helped me get up and
running fast. I'm a big fan of Domain.com.
-Mitch T.

I used Domain.com to set up my wedding website. I had no idea how to get a domain name or set up a website much less that I needed web hosting.
I found out through Domain.com it was easier to set up than choosing my wedding flower arrangements. I still use my site to update news about my newlywed life.
-Christy M.

I use Domain.com for my company's email services. I was using Hotmail and needed a professional email address to legitimize my company.
The email service is very reliable and easy to use.
-Vincent K.

I use Domain.com to register domain names for all my real estate listings. I can either create a website or use the URL Forwarding service to forward the domain to an existing page on my main site. My clients love it, and the big benefit to me is it's easy to do.
-Cris C.

I needed a website to showcase my freelance graphic design portfolio.
I had a WordPress site set up before but needed my own domain name to better pitch prospective clients. Now I use Domain.com's hosting for my WordPress site, and since the new site launched, I've gotten more clients in the last 2 months than I did in the past year.
-Maresa S.

I needed a website to share my photography and videos. I was using Flickr, Picasa, and YouTube, but I wanted to have everything all in one place. Domain.com made it simple to get a cool domain name and host all my files. Best of all, I pay less than $6 bucks a month, and my site is always up.
-Jeff M.

I'd been running my event planning business for a year through referrals only with no website. Then I decided to get my domain name and web hosting through Domain.com to make my business more official. I was able to put my website URL on my LinkedIn, social media accounts, and business cards. I've grown my business tremendously, and a lot of it now comes through my website.
-Hollie K.