10 Businesses That Should Use a .ONLINE Domain. Are You One of Them?

10 businesses that can benefit from a .online domain name

Every brand, whether it’s a personal or a well-established company, needs to be online in order to connect with its audience, increase brand awareness, beat the competition and stay relevant. With the emergence of new and versatile domain extensions, brands now have the opportunity to not only opt for names of their choice but also get creative with their web addresses.

Benefits of a .ONLINE domain name.

One such domain extension is .online. It is a versatile domain name that comes with multiple benefits such as:

  • It is available.
  • It is globally understood – the word online is understood in more than 25 languages.
  • It is meaningful.
  • It is brandable.
  • It is relevant.
  • …and many more.

Here are 10 businesses or industries that can use this highly adaptable domain extension to create a memorable online brand.

1. Architecture

Even an engineering and design-oriented field like architecture, which is dominated by blueprints and scaled models, cannot afford to ignore the importance of a strong online presence.

With a domain name on a .online extension, you can craft your unique online brand that mirrors your offline style in terms of color scheme, design elements and other aesthetic aspects.

You can use your .online website to showcase your credentials as an architect or architectural firm, introduce your team to potential clients, upload blueprints and other plans of your best projects and provide contact information. For example, www.architectscollective.online or www.buildingblokes.online.

2. Interior Designing

The word ‘online’ is a universally understood and accepted term, which makes it the perfect choice for the web address of an interior designer or a design firm, especially if it wishes to find clients in multiple geographies.

With a well-designed website on a .online extension, you can not only showcase your best projects but also get into the details of your thought process, your inspirations and aesthetic understanding. Your favorite works can truly come alive in the form of a story when presented online.

You can take the visitors on a virtual journey of how you transformed your client’s vision into a beautiful cafe, restaurant, home or office space. Examples of meaningful domain names include www.bestinteriors.online or www.designbydavid.online.

3. Real estate

Real estate deals are only sealed after in-person meetings and site visits but that doesn’t mean that a real-estate company should ignore being online.

A website that states your company’s history, property listings with photographs, 360-degree views and videos as well as client testimonials can enhance the legitimacy and reputation of your business.

A domain name that includes your company’s name and the .online domain extension is a great way to establish your online presence. For example, www.youradobe.online or www.malikestate.online.

4. Agriculture

The penetration of the Internet is no longer restricted to urban areas. Farmers in almost all countries heavily rely on the Internet for gaining useful information regarding weather conditions, new methods of farming and irrigation, agricultural technology, market trends and new products.

By creating a website on the .online extension, an agricultural company can create a unique online brand that stands out but still resonates with its offline work. For instance, your website can be an important tool for highlighting your CSR work, case studies and promoting any technological or product innovation that your company may have created or contributed to.

It can also be a source of information, not just for farmers but also for people who ascribe to clean and organic food consumption. This is especially beneficial for an agricultural company that wants to establish itself as an industry expert. A few examples include www.agricare.online or www.agrotalks.online.

5. Advertising

If there’s one industry that has truly been revolutionized due to the digital revolution, it is marketing and advertising. New digital-only advertising agencies are mushrooming at a rapid rate to cater to the new businesses.

Veteran firms that earlier prided themselves on their TV ads and witty print messaging are creating and expanding their digital footprint to stay in the game. For agencies with digital at their core as well as those looking to expand from traditional channels to digital, the .online domain extension provides the ideal base for building a memorable brand.

Firstly, it gives you an easy and relatively inexpensive opportunity to create a brand-new website that still resonates with the name and reputation you have already created in the industry.

Secondly, it lends greater credibility to your passion and expertise in all things digital by its mere definition. For instance if you are an advertising company called Vibgyor and are now getting into digital marketing, your domain name can me www.vibgyordigital.online. In fact, an Australian digital marketing agency called Louder Online has a similar domain name at www.louder.online.

6. Music

Music is the universal language and there’s no reason why your musical creations shouldn’t transcend borders. Whether you’re an amateur musician or someone who has already garnered fame locally through live performances, you should consider taking your music “online” with the help of the .online domain extension.

You can use your website to post recordings of your music, studio sessions to give fans a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes, stripped-down acoustic versions of your favorite tracks, tour dates and so much more. For example, you could have www.learntrumpet.online (if you’re a music teacher) or www.martinsings.online (if you’re a singer).

7. Healthcare

Thanks to digitalization, healthcare is now literally available at one’s fingertips. Whether it’s finding practitioners in the area, booking appointments, ordering medication or seeking advice and information, every kind of healthcare brand or company benefits immensely from being online.

The .online domain extension can help you create a digital presence that exemplifies how digitally-savvy you are. It can help you become a useful and reliable source of information for both patients and healthcare professionals. For example, www.healthytalk.online or www.findadoctor.online.

8. Food

Having an online presence offers a wide range of branding and expansion opportunities to anyone in the food industry. For standalone restaurants, bakeries, home chefs or family-owned food businesses, a website is the perfect platform to showcase your legacy and expertise.

For those companies that are new entrants to the digital world, the .online extension is a short and sweet way of letting patrons know that you are now online.

Moreover, with the trend or ordering food online on a drastic rise, every food establishment needs a strong online presence to allow people to place online orders and to manage them efficiently. For example, www.veggietreats.online or www.expressfood.online.

9. Beauty

Whether you’re a beauty blogger or a well-established beauty brand, there is a lot you can do with a domain extension as versatile as .online. Consider the following names for creating a personal brand out of your blog: www.beautyonduty.online or www.allmadeup.online. All make for fun, catchy and creative domain names that are sure to entice beauty enthusiasts to click on your website link.

Beauty brands can use the .online extension to create their brand website or microsites for new products or campaigns. For instance, if you have recently come out with a revolutionary product, you can create a standalone page for it that includes the product and/or your brand name followed by .online. You can also create domain names for campaigns and giveaways using .online, such as www.getpouty.online (for a lipstick giveaway) or www.freemakeover.online (for a free online makeup consultation).

10. Sports

Sports channels can use the .online extension to create a web presence that’s different from but still relatable to your reputed name, such as www.allforsports.online. This online platform can be used for showing live scores, clips from tournaments and reviews by experts.

Sports enthusiasts and experts can also use the .online extension to create blogs that post exciting content on sports analysis, predictions and highlights, for instance, www.yourtopsport.online or www.matchpointbygreg.online.

Get .ONLINE today.

With an easily available and versatile domain extension such as .online, there is no excuse for you to put off creating an outstanding online brand for yourself with immense potential for growth and popularity.

Author Bio

Alisha is a Senior Content Marketing & Communication Specialist at Radix, the registry behind some of the most successful new domain extensions, including .STORE and .TECH. You can connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter

Alisha Shibli
Alisha Shibli

Alisha is a Senior Content Marketing & Communication Specialist at Radix, the registry behind some of the most successful new domain extensions, including .store and .tech. You can connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Alisha Shibli
Alisha Shibli

Alisha is a Senior Content Marketing & Communication Specialist at Radix, the registry behind some of the most successful new domain extensions, including .store and .tech. You can connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.