Updated September 11, 2019. 

Have an idea for a business or just a really great idea? Are you ready to take it online?

Well, it all starts with a great domain. 

So we’ve gathered all of the essential information you need to find a domain name that stands out, looks professional, and attracts the right audience. Bookmark this page to keep it as a resource for the future.

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Glossary of Domain Terms 

Words and phrases you need to know when researching and purchasing the right domain for your business or brand. Find the definition you need here

Domain name vs. URL, what’s the difference?

A domain name is like your website’s address and it’s what leads people to your site, whereas the universal resource locator, or URL, includes more specific information like the location of documents or pages on your website. Discover more here

What is a domain extension or top-level domain (TLD)?

In the domain name “Domain.com,” the letters after ‘Domain’ represent the domain extension. While .com may be the most well-known extension, there are thousands of others like .co, .tech, .online, .live, and more.

How to choose a domain name

How do you select a domain name that is relevant to your business or brand and that’s also catchy, short, easy to spell, and easy to say? Check out our best tips in this article

How to buy a domain name

Find a registrar, like Domain.com, for access to all of the major TLDs available, and choose the one that best fits your needs. Find out what to expect when you start searching for yours.

The difference between new domains vs existing domains

Whether you’re buying a new domain name, adding to your domain name portfolio, or purchasing an existing domain, Domain.com is here to help. Not sure what the difference is between new and expired domain names? We can help with that, too. 

What if your domain is already taken?

Find out what your options are for securing an alternate domain name, or learn how to find the owner of the domain that’s perfect for your business so you can attempt to purchase it from them.

I bought a domain name, now what?

Once you’ve secured your domain name, it’s time to start establishing your brand and attracting an audience from around the world. Here’s a rundown of what you should do post-domain name purchase. 

How to maintain your new domain

Domain names require some maintenance. Don’t worry, it’s nothing too extreme. Here’s what you need to know

It all starts with the right domain

Find the best domain name for your business by first doing a little research. Read the in-depth articles we’ve linked to above and learn how to find a domain name that stands out, looks professional, and attracts the right audience.

Any questions? Let us know in the comments below.