When you were just starting your business, you knew what the whole team was working on, because you were the whole team.

As your business grows and you add more talent to your staff, you need a way to keep track of deadlines. Especially if your team works remotely, the tools you use become more important for keeping everyone on the same page.

With everyone working with the same tools, team members can align toward the same goal, know what other team members are working on, and hit the same deadlines more efficiently, all without being in the same room.

It’s time to use them to get things done. When things get done your team is happy, and your business keeps growing.  

Collaborate from anywhere with the productivity tools you already love, and establish your business on Domain.com.

Focus your team to work towards the same goal

One of the problems with a team spread across the internet is the confusion. When nobody knows what each other is working on, it’s nearly impossible to set deadlines that you and your team can actually hit. A shared marketing calendar, shared with the whole team, keeps your business focused.

If each team member notes their current projects and related roadblocks, you can swoop in where you’re most needed. Working with a shared solution like Microsoft 365 means you tie in your calendar with shared files or documents to keep projects organized. It also helps to know who’s on vacation, taking a personal day, and of course, remembering major holidays.

No more repeating the same mistakes again and again

The most frustrating part of working remotely is wasting time, and nothing wastes time more than working on the same thing as someone else. If two team members are creating the same work, both become discouraged when they realize they could have accomplished something else.

Sharing your documents and files with each other prevents this. With cloud-based document sharing tools, files automatically sync so you can see what each team member is working on in real time. Keeping everything in the same place also means you can keep working, rather than wait for someone else to send you the file that you need to finish your to do list.

Work together like you’re all local

The internet has changed the meaning of a typical work day. Now your team members can work anywhere they want, but it’s up to you to make sure they’re not working on whatever they want. Centralized tools can help that, and make them feel like their working in the same room. With close collaboration and the sharing of ideas, your business gets better work from the team.

Video calls helps your team stay together, as if they were meeting in the same room. The face to face interaction removes the chance of confusing tone in an email, so your team knows the importance of hitting a deadline without feeling overmanaged. Set up a weekly video meeting with your team, and individuals, so everyone can stay on the same page with your business.

Centralized tools can bring a remote team closer together

Now that your team is spread far and wide across the country, or the world, the tools you use are the thread that hold your business together. Once team members can work towards the same goal, see what the rest of the team is working on, and efficiently make all their deadlines, your business stays on the right track. Even without being in the same room, your team can come together to complete the essential tasks that grow your business.

Collaborate from anywhere with the productivity tools you already love, and establish your business on Domain.com.