Imagine visiting a website, and falling in love with a brand, right away. Everything they say, all of their photos, their videos, it all speaks to you on some level.

You want to reach out to them – but you can’t.

Maybe you want to find out where they’re located, maybe you want to give them a call to thank them for existing. Either way, a search throughout their website reveals their contact information is as well hidden an Indiana Jones artifact.

They need a .TEL contact information page.

Make it easy for your potential customers to find your contact information with a .TEL domain name, and gain other benefits, such as the spread of your name, or a boost in search engine rankings.

It all starts with a great domain. Get your .TEL extension from today.

Make your contact information easy to find

Some businesses like to put their contact information on the bottom of the page. That makes it easy for clients to contact you, but not everything can fit in a tiny footer. Others list contact information on an about page, or a dedicated “Contact Me” page. A contact page helps, but what if you want customers to get that information directly, instead of clicking through a few different pages after landing on your website?

Instead, create a warehouse for all of your contact information, site-wide. You can not only list the main numbers, and email addresses, for your business, but you can also list other numbers that wouldn’t fit on a footer, like sales, marketing, or brand partnerships. A .TEL contact page helps you store, update, and publish all your contact information, web links, and keywords in one easy-to-find place on your website.

Start sharing your contact details quickly and easily

When you’re out on a business dinner, you want the conversation and any discussion to be as easy as possible. The same goes for sharing information. If you need to hand them a business card, but either have a hard time finding it in your massive, dad-sized wallet, or you need to write down a cell number on the back of your business card, clients get annoyed. Nobody likes to wait.

A .TEL contact page is the same as a neat business card, flashed at the slightest mention of connecting in the future. That business executive who slides a business card across the table right as they’re talking about working with the client, is the one who gets the business. Put everything on a simple, easy to read .TEL contact page, so your team members and partners can share your contact information in seconds. A .TEL page is also easy to setup quickly, without any special web design tools, website builders, or nuanced hosting options.

Gain more optimized search traffic to your business

Google, and other search engines, like a place for everything, with everything in the right place. The more you can design an organized website, the better your website ranks in search engine results. A .TEL contact page lists all of your information in a neat, organized hierarchical data structure. That means, not only can search engine robots drill down to find the contact information they need, but so can your customers.

You can even route customers to the right departments or locations within your larger organizational structure. If all of your calls and contact leads head to the same place, that one central employee  is responsible for routing all call traffic to the right location. That eats up a lot of time. Instead, help your customers contact the right team member directly with the online discoverability of a .TEL domain extension.

Control all of your brand information online

Sometimes it’s important to set something up online for your business, just so a competitor or bad actor can’t do it first. Imagine if a hacker created a .TEL contact page about your business before you could. All of those leads would be going to the wrong place, but the potential clients (and you) would have no idea.

Your .TEL also helps you control what information is publicly viewable on the internet, and what remains private. If you don’t want the contact information of your CEO, or founder, listed online, simply leave it off your .TEL website. Instead, list a number for an assistant, or a separate number designated to incoming leads.

Help new and old customers contact your business

If your contact information is hard to find, that means your business is hard to contact. When you make it hard for your customers to connect with you, you make it harder to build a relationship with them. Your relationship has to start somewhere, so make it easy to find your contact information with a .TEL domain name, spread your business across the web, and enjoy a boost in search engine rankings. With everything working for your business, you can be more popular than ever.

It all starts with a great domain. Get your .TEL extension from today.