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The pandemic age: From learning to work remotely to managing professional lives and chores at home. The last few years changed life as we know it for most of us.

But it wasn’t just our personal lives that were affected. It also changed consumer behavior forever and changed how business happens worldwide. So much so that 65% of all brand interactions with customers now occur online. Suppose that’s not enough of a testament to the massive shift in changing customer behavior. How about this: The number of consumers who make online purchases went up from 15% to 30% in 2020.

So, if you’re wondering whether this is an excellent time to open up your business online, you’d be wondering correctly. But all good things come with caveats. And this one’s no different.

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A good domain name is one of the first steps in setting your business up for success. And because of this tremendous growth in the eCommerce sector, new businesses seem to be having a more challenging time than usual finding the perfect domain name.

But what if your online store’s domain name didn’t have to be full of strange combinations of filler words, hyphens, and numbers? What if you could have any domain name you desired for your online business? What if there was a special domain extension dedicated to online stores?

You’re in luck because .store is just such a domain extension. It’s specially designed for online store owners to tell the world they’re open for business!

Why Your Online Store Needs a .Store Domain

Back in 1985, .com launched as a domain extension.

The internet of then and the internet of now are entirely different beasts. Today, there are over 1 billion websites in existence. That number grows by 252,000 websites every single day.

In other words, today’s internet is a very, very crowded place.

It’s no wonder businesses and individuals have been struggling to find short, relevant, and meaningful domain names. They’ve had to try and manufacture unsightly names containing hyphens, strange filler words, or mutilated spellings of commonly known words. All so they could squeeze themselves into the .com world.

This pressure cooker situation eventually led to the creation of a host of new domain extensions.

What Makes .Store an Excellent Choice for eCommerce

The .store domain extension came into existence in 2016. In these last six years, it has become the number one choice for over 450,000 business owners worldwide. Here’s what makes it the best option for e-commerce websites and online stores:

1: You’ll find a shorter domain name available with .store

The beauty of choosing a newer domain extension like .store is that your first choice is, more often than not, available. That makes the chances of finding a short domain name on a .store domain extension much higher than a .com extension.

More availability means you no longer have to add strings of characters or unnecessary letters or numbers to your domain name. And it isn’t just about making your life easier. It’s also about the fact that the search engines like Google prefer shorter domain names. If Google came across two absolutely identical websites, their all-knowing algorithm would very likely choose the shorter domain name for a higher search ranking.

2: You’ll get an easy-to-remember domain name using .store

Continuing from the first point above, the shorter the domain name, the more memorable it will likely be. It’s primarily because short domain names are usually easier to type, read, and pronounce. Which means our brains automatically tend to remember them. And we all know the importance of the phrase ‘top of mind’ when it comes to customer analytics.

The more they remember a business, the higher their chances of returning to it, interacting with it, and giving it their business.

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3: You’ll secure a keyword-rich domain name with a .store

A .store domain extension doesn’t just make your domain name shorter and memorable. It also brings one of the most common eCommerce search keywords into your domain name. And search engines love this.

This is why they’re (once again) far more likely to rank your website higher when they notice that it uses a very popular keyword in its name and anchor text.

4: You’ll get a highly relevant domain name on .store

The importance of finding a domain name that is true to your business and brand and, therefore, meaningful to you is undeniable. But it is equally important that your domain name feel meaningful to your potential customers. And certain domain names do precisely that.

With the word store integrated right into your domain name, any potential visitor can be sure they’re entering an eCommerce website. It may not feel like much at first glance, but it creates a great impression in their minds. And in doing so, it enhances the perception of your business.

5: You’ll have a voice-optimized domain name with .store

As personal assistants are baked into more and more smartphones, the way we search for information is slowly changing. One of the most significant changes we’re seeing is the rise of voice search.

For all its smarts, voice search prefers ‘correct’ spellings and as many keywords as can be supplied to it. What’s more, voice search uses the entire phrase as a keyword.

So, if a user looks for cool stationery stores, a website called kewl-stationery.com would have next to no chances of ranking on Google compared to coolstationery.store. The word ‘kewl’ does not mean ‘cool’ to voice engines. And really, the odds of someone voice searching a hyphen are… let’s just say… low.

6: You’ll get a credible domain extension with .store

When you choose a .store domain, you’re not only joining thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses who use the domain extension. You’ll join giants like Emirates, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Dude Perfect. So you can lay any doubts to rest about .store’s validity. While it may be new, if it’s good enough for merchandising big-wigs, you can rest assured that it’s got a big check on credibility.

Ready to register your .store domain name?

When launching your business online in 2022, a .store domain is easier on your pocket, easier to remember, easier to rank on search engines, and easier to leave the competition behind. A .store makes it easier to find lasting success.

Tell the whole world you’re open for business with the all-new, all-powerful .store domain.

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Rebecca Scott
Rebecca Scott

Rebecca Scott
Rebecca Scott