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Why .dev?

An abbreviation for developer, aka web developer, a .dev domain shows off your skills before someone even opens your website. With software development being one of the most lucrative and sought after skill sets in the world, it's not a bad idea to put your talent for it front and center.


What would I use a .dev domain for?

Maybe you've got a portfolio of dev projects to show off. Or maybe you've got expertise in the industry and want to share. There's no rule stating a .dev domain can't be a blog, portfolio, or just a collection of tech humor


Do I have to be a developer to use it?

The .dev domain used to be reserved as a testing space solely for developers. But now it's open to technically anyone who wants to grab one. You could be a tech expert, web designer, app developer — you name it. If you've got an appreciation for the dev space, go on and grab a .dev.


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