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A familiar and trusted domain

One of the world’s most widely recognized domain names, a .net helps your website convey familiarity and credibility. It’s been around since 1985 after all, and was one of the very first top-level domains to be implemented. Ideal for entrepreneurs and small businesses, you just can’t go wrong with this one

Protect your brand

Even if you’ve already got a .com, it’s never a bad idea to register multiple domain extensions for your brand. Someone else could swoop in and grab, leaving your visitors confused about which website is yours. The best way to protect your online brand is to register your .net domain now, before someone else does.


More domain extensions to consider:

Get the domain that shows you mean business.


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Share information about your product, service, or passion.


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Corporation, communities, companies — .co is great for them all.


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Stay relevant .online with a domain name that stands out from the norm.


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Since 2000, we’ve been focused on helping customers find the best domain name as the building block of their online presence.

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A domain name is just the beginning. We’ll help you host, design and manage your site. We’ll even build it for you, if you’d like.

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We integrate seamlessly with WordPress, WebsiteBuilder, and SiteLock, to name a few. We take the frustration out of getting online.

Frequently asked questions

A .net domain is one of the most valuable domain extensions in existence. Today, there are approximately 13 million registered .net domain names, and .net remains the second most popular top-level domain after .com.

These days, .net domains are used for virtually every kind of business and website. Its high recognizability and familiarity make it a viable option for anyone wanting a professional-looking domain.

Originally created for networking technology companies, .net is now commonly used by businesses of all shapes, sizes, and types. There’s no limit to who can use a .net. In fact, many brands who already own a .com will still claim a .net too in order to protect their online presence.

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