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Video. Audio. Steaming. If your personal, professional, or business website includes a play button, it's made for a .tv domain extension.

With a .tv you're choosing more than a URL. You're choosing to tell people what kind of content is on your site even before they visit. You're choosing to say you're offering a more engaging online experience. And you're choosing to stand out from the ever-increasing crowd of everyday no-video-here web addresses.

  • Ideal for personal, business and professional sites featuring a video experience.
  • Greater chance of getting a domain name that highlights your content.
  • Backed by VeriSign, a trusted provider of Internet infrastructure services operating over 95 million domain names.

Personal Users

A .tv domain extension speaks volumes about who you are, and gives you a unique, memorable web address for your video content.


A .tv domain name tells people your site contains video content. Plus, more available names mean you can align your work with your web address.

Business Owners

Increase traffic and interest to your site by providing customers a video-enhanced experience. .tv is perfect for sites with how-to videos, promotional materials, training and educational content, and more.