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Domain Connect

Domain Connect is a new feature in your Domains dashboard that makes it easy for you to configure your DNS records to work with external service providers. 
This article demonstrates how Domain Connect works when you sign up for a Google Workspace account directly through Google.

Creating a Google Workspace account via DomainConnect Tool

  1. Go to Google's website to create a Google Workspace Account.
  2. Click on the Start Free Trial button at the top right corner. 
    Click the Start Free Trial button
  3. Enter your business name and the number of your employees. Click Next
    Enter your business name
  4. Fill out your information, then click Next
    Fill out your information
  5. Select the "I have a domain" radio button if you have an existing domain in your hosting account and click Next
    Select the I have a domain radio button
  6. Enter your domain name. Click Next.
    Enter your domain name
  7. Confirm the domain you want to use to set up the Google Workspace account. Click Next
    Confirm the domain
  8. Provide a secondary email address with a different domain name. 
    Provide a secondary email address
  9. Do you want to exchange great ideas with Google related to their services? Click on OK or No Thanks. 
    exchange great ideas with Google
  10. Set up your Google Workspace account's username and password. 
    Create your G Suite account's username and password
  11. Your Google Workspace account will be created. Click the Go to SetUp button. 
    Click the Go to SetUp button
  12. Enter your Google Workspace email address. Click Next.
    Enter your G Suite email address
  13. Type in your password. Click Next
    Type in your password
  14. Key in your phone number. Select how you want to receive the verification code and click the Get Code button. 
    Key in your phone number
  15. Enter the verification code once received. Then click on Verify
    Enter the verification code
  16. Read and Accept Google's Terms of Service. 
    Read and Accept Google Terms of Service
  17. You will be logged in to Google's Admin Console. Click Next
    Click Next
  18. Verify your domain by clicking on the Verify link.
    Click on the Verify link
  19. Click on Sign in to Verify, and you will be prompted to log in to your Domains dashboard. 
    Click on Sign in to Verify
  20. It will automatically take you to the Domain Connect page. Click on the Authorize button. 
    Domain Connect page
  21. Wait for 1 hour to complete the verification process. 
    Wait for 1 hour to complete the verification process
    Gmail is activated
  22. And the process is complete to create your Google Workspace account!