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Domain Registration: How To Change Domain Auto Renewal Settings


1. Log in to your Domain Dashboard.

2. On the upper left corner of the screen. Choose the “Domain Tab”.

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Please note that you have an option if you want it to show as “card view” or “list view”. You can choose by clicking ( see image below).

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3. Select the domain you want to manage ( picture shows as card view).

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4. From the summary tab, you’ll be having an option to turn on the auto-renewal. (Please make sure that the auto-renewal date should appear on the right side under “Domain Information”).

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How Can I Tell If My Domain Is Set To Automatically Renew

After clicking on “Manage” you will be routed to your domain settings. And from there you should be able to see the button slider to turn-on the auto-renewal. Please be reminded that the auto-renewal date will show on the right side under your Domain Information. 

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  • Auto-Renewal domain is set for auto-renewal and it will renewal date should show on the right side under the Domain information.

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  • Expired Domain domain was not renewed, you can check for the availability of the domain by clicking the “Check Availability” button. And you’ll be receiving a pop-up for its availability. 

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ADRS Rules and Policies

  • ADRS requires valid billing informationUser-added image in order to renew the domain.

  • ADRS will attempt to use a domain creditUser-added image before using the billing information on file.

  • ADRS will renew the domain 15 days before its expiration date.

  • If ADRS fails, additional attempts are made 13, 11, 5, and 1 day(s) before the domain expiration date.

  • ADRS will not make any additional attempts to renew the domain beyond the days described above. If the final attempt fails, the domain must be manually renewed.

If you have other concerns regarding ADRS, please see the iPage's Domain Name Registration Requirements: Registration Renewal.