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FTP: How to Connect Using an Offline Website Builder

How Do I Connect with My Offline Website Builder

Offline website builders usually require you to enter your FTP settings once. Here are a few offline website builders you might consider. Use these links along with our generic settings to publish your website.

Why Does It Ask For a Directory Path When Publishing

A directory path tells the website builder where to publish your website. This is also helpful if your website builder is capable of building multiple websites because having a designated directory path allows the builder to publish each website to its appropriate location. Having a directory also allows the website builder to complete the entire publishing process at the click of a button (once the initial setup is complete).

Here is a list of things to keep in mind when choosing a directory path to publish to:

  • Is a subfolder created when publishing? Your website builder will either publish your website files directly into the designated directory, or it will create a subfolder within the designated directory and publish your website files into the subfolder instead. You can test by publishing a small website to figure out which method your website builder uses.
  • What is the base directory when publishing? The base directory refers to the starting point from where your website builder will decide to publish its website files and subfolders.
    • If you are connecting with the Domain Generic settings, the base directory will be the same as your hosting account's home directory (shown with a globe icon next to the folder inside of Domain.com's File Manager tool).
    • If you are connecting with a secondary FTP user, the base directory will match the subdirectory that the secondary FTP user is limited to.
    • If you are using a different FTP server setting (such as ftp.your-domain.com), the base directory will match whichever subdirectory that your domain is pointing to.
  • Where is your domain pointing? Your domain pointer will not affect the upload process unless your domain is used as the FTP server setting (example: ftp.your-domain.com). However, your domain will not display your website unless your domain is pointing to the same location that your website builder ultimately publishes too. Use Domain.com's Domain Central tool to double-check and ensure that these two things match up.

If you are having difficulty determining what you should insert for your directory path setting, please contact us for help. We might not be able to help you with your specific website builder, but we can at least help you better understand the points mentioned above.