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How to Update Your PHP Version - Video

PHP is one of the most popular scripting languages available today. About 80% of all websites use PHP, which plays a vital role in WordPress ecosystems. Due to its popularity, this language is continuously developed and improved.

Here are some of the reasons why you should keep your PHP version to date:

  • The most important reason is security. It ensures that your system is patched regularly and protects you from vulnerabilities such as DoS, code execution, overflow, memory corruption, and gain information types. 
  • Updates provide significant performance improvements over previous iterations. 
  • Updates introduce new features and capabilities. 
  • Support is another reason to update your PHP version. In most cases, if you need help with a theme, plugin, or any app that runs on PHP, their developers would not be able to extend their support to you if your system is running on an older version. 

Updating your PHP to the latest version is simple and easy to do. Watch the video to see the click-by-click steps. 


For a visual step walkthrough see this article.

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