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Welcome to EmailBrain's leading, web-based email marketing technology that allows you to optimize the impact of your communications. It serves as a powerful development tool for creating, managing, sending & tracking newsletters and email campaigns. It simplifies the publishing and delivery process so you can focus on the content, as well as on analyzing and responding to the results of your campaign.

  • Create

    EmailBrain has powerful newsletter management features that enable you to easily manage your brand image. EmailBrain includes a full suite of tools within the template library for on-line content creation and on-line content storage. Additionally, you can use EmailBrain to pull external content housed on your website to be included in your email marketing campaigns.

  • Send

    EmailBrain offers one of the most advanced deliverability platforms available today. Marketers who want to ensure that their email campaigns reach the inbox of their recipients use EmailBrain to achieve some of the highest deliverability rates in the industry. EmailBrain has invested heavily in researching the different factors that cause deliverability problems, and has addressed each of these issues through a robust set of deliverability tools and methodologies available within the EmailBrain product.

  • Track

    The EmailBrain platform includes tools designed to help you determine the exact demographics of your customers. Through real-time web-based reports and analytics you'll get a high level view of your campaign results, plus be able to drill-down into the specifics of your data. The more known about your ideal customer, the more you can refine future email campaigns to deliver exactly what your customers want when they want it. The valuable information provided by EmailBrain's reports and tracking tools will pave the way to increased buy rates and order volume, decreased bounce backs and unsubscribe, and of course, an ever-growing return on investment.

  • Manage

    EmailBrain includes many advanced List Management features that help email marketers save time and deploy more effective email campaigns. Our List Management features are designed to allow email marketers to quickly and easily automate the many otherwise laborious tasks needed to deploy an email campaign.

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